Different manufacturers, they will design different dimensions of their own pneumatic fittings, so we are. Sometimes it will not cause problems, but sometimes some factories make sizes pretty smaller or weight is very lighter,  so that they can keep super cheap price. In that case,  customers should pay special attentions.   Ideal Bell pneumatic fittings [...]


Congratulations on Ideal Bell Air Tubing Factory!

Today pls kindly allow me simply introduce our Tubing factory to you. It starts with Japan project 2 years ago, so the production line is designed and arranged based on Japan Technology! This year (2016) we passed all testings and begin to OEM for big Japanese brand stably, thus we have time to release it! Production Machines are [...]


Ideal Bell Stainless Steel Push in Fittings VS Other Factory’s Fittings

Our Stainless Steel Fittings launches several weeks, I made some comparison of straight fittings sometime before and still not make Elbow fitting comparison, Today let's do it! Firstly Pls see fittings samples on my desk!^^ In the following, i will compare our Stainless steel Elbow with other factory's: 1) As a rule, we start from [...]


How To Fix Compressor Air Pressure Drop?

That is a very common question that many people have been scratching their heads over for years, and you may not know it but the pressure drop could be costing you extra on your electricity bill. When the pressure drops below critical levels in a compressed air system it can cause a lot of production [...]


How do I compare air compressor efficiency?

When you are purchasing a compressor, it can be difficult to decide which one to buy. You should be aware that about 80% of the lifetime cost for an average air compressor is due to electricity, the remainder is purchase price and maintenance. Often, a compressor will consume its total purchase price in electricity in [...]


Stainless Steel Fitting

Constructed of high grade 316 stainless steel, these durable stainless steel fittings provide a simple push-pull method of connecting pneumatic components to each other and system piping. Push-Quick fittings allow full flow through the hose/tubing I.D. with no smaller orifice required as in barb fittings. They are designed for use with both flexible hose and [...]


Where do you use pneumatic hose and tubing?

THE Tubing basic function of pneumatic hose and tubing is to convey pressurized air to actuators, valves, tools and other devices. But there are countless types and sizes of tubing and hose on the market, so engineers should consider a number of important factors to select the right one for a given task. Start with construction. [...]