Project Description

Brass Push to Connect Fittings are Ideal Bell’s highly performing, extremely compact  push-in fitting.

This line fittings are ready for use as all threads are PTFE pre-applied and no tools are requested to guarantee tight and pressure resistant assemblies. Ideal Bell uses Branded new materials, applied with Unique design and 100% test before delivery!

Item CodeTube Size(MM)Thread
MJSC4-014R 1/8
MJSC4-024R 1/4
MJSC6-016R 1/8
MJSC6-026R 1/4
MJSC6-036R 3/8
MJSC6-046R 1/2
MJSC8-018R 1/8
MJSC8-028R 1/4
MJSC8-038R 3/8
MJSC8-048R 1/2
MJSC10-0110R 1/8
MJSC10-0210R 1/4
MJSC10-0310R 3/8
MJSC10-0410R 1/2
MJSC12-0112R 1/8
MJSC12-0212R 1/4
MJSC12-0312R 3/8
MJSC12-0412R 1/2
Item CodeTube Size(MM)Thread
MJSC4-G014G 1/8
MJSC4-G024G 1/4
MJSC6-G016G 1/8
MJSC6-G026G 1/4
MJSC6-G036G 3/8
MJSC6-G046G 1/2
MJSC8-G018G 1/8
MJSC8-G028G 1/4
MJSC8-G038G 3/8
MJSC8-G048G 1/2
MJSC10-G0110G 1/8
MJSC10-G0210G 1/4
MJSC10-G0310G 3/8
MJSC10-G0410G 1/2
MJSC12-G0112G 1/8
MJSC12-G0212G 1/4
MJSC12-G0312G 3/8
MJSC12-G0412G 1/2
Item CodeTube Size(Inch)Thread
MJSC5/32-U105/32UNF 10/32
MJSC5/32-N015/32NPT 1/8
MJSC5/32-N025/32NPT 1/4
MJSC1/4-N011/4NPT 1/8
MJSC1/4-N021/4NPT 1/4
MJSC1/4-N031/4NPT 3/8
MJSC1/4-N041/4NPT 1/2
MJSC5/16-N015/16NPT 1/8
MJSC5/16-N025/16NPT 1/4
MJSC5/16-N035/16NPT 3/8
MJSC5/16-N045/16NPT 1/2
MJSC3/8-N013/8NPT 1/8
MJSC3/8-N023/8NPT 1/4
MJSC3/8-N033/8NPT 3/8
MJSC3/8-N043/8NPT 1/2
MJSC1/2-N011/2NPT 1/8
MJSC1/2-N021/2NPT 1/4
MJSC1/2-N031/2NPT 3/8
MJSC1/2-N041/2NPT 1/2

brass PTC fittings

Brass Push To Connect Fittings is Ideal Bell’s highly performing, extremely compact  push-in full metal fitting. This line fittings are ready for use as all threads are PTFE pre-applied and no tools are requested to guarantee tight and pressure resistant assemblies. The hose connection is made possible by the presence of a stainless steel gripper and by an O-ring inside of the fitting. To connect, simply push the tubing until it bottoms; the stainless steel teeth grip onto the tubing and holds it captive. The great advantage of our special PTFE coating on threads makes sure that the fitting can be used several times without peeling off. It is a full brass fitting and this makes of it the suitable fitting for the heaviest duty pneumatic applications.


Applicable Fluid TypeAir, Water(No Drinking Water),Vacuum
Working Pressure Range-14 ~150 PSI-0.99~10Bar
Working Temperature Range-4 ℉~160℉ -15℃~71℃
Vacuum Ratingto 28''Hg
Recommanded TubingsPA11, PA12, PA6, PE, PU,FEP,PFA

About Body Color: You can choose Brass color or Nickle plated..
About Logo: Standard No logo, OEM can be on request.
About Packing: you can choose Standard No Logo Packing, Idealer Logo Packing Or OEM packing.

packing 2
packing 3