When it comes to Pneumatic components look no further than Zhejiang Ideal Bell Technology.

Ideal Bell is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic fittings & air tubing over 8 years, and is also an experienced exporter of pneumatic components of all types including pneumatic cylinders, solenoid valves, air preparation units, and silencers. Whether you work in the automotive industry, automated machinery, environmental and agricultural, medical equipment, construction, and packaging industries we have the pneumatic components that you need.

Our manufacturing facility covers over 10,000 meters and is equipped with a dust-free work shop, automated assembly equipment, and state of the art R&D testing lab to help us produce the best product for you.

Ideal Bell focuses on quality, our fittings are made of branded materials (key accessories are imported from Japan), applied with unique design and produced under strict 5S management on site!  Our New Vacuum generator is with high precision, Negative pressure can be 93kpa, super small-sized with outer diameter 10mm!  Ideal Bell continues to add new products each year and we spare no efforts to improve and produce advanced technology products.

Ideal Bell is ISO9001:2008, CE, ROHS, SGS certified. We have been exporting our products around the world and to the United States for many years with a reputation for quality and exceptional performance that is 2nd to none.
We have many advantages over the competition:

– Problem-Solving Salespeople to meet your needs
– Easy communication: Mails, SNS, Phone, and Conferencing available for quick resolution of urgent issues
Custom product development to suit your requirements
– High quality products and very competitive pricing
A powerful technology team and individual technical support
– 100% tested products before delivery
If you are looking for a partner who can not only provide the quality pneumatic components you need at a competitive price but also provide the follow up and ongoing support along with the innovative spirit for those special projects that require a special component.  Zhejiang Ideal Bell Technology is the partner you are looking for!