Project Description

Ideal Bell 316 Stainless Steel push fitting female Tee type is made of unique metal technology, using Imported stainless steel teeth, which can bite the tubing tighter with less demages. We 100% test leaking for all stainless steel push fittings in water before delivery.  All of our stainless steel push fittings female Tees are REACH/ Rohs/Food compliance certified.

Item CodeTube Size(MM)Thread
SSPTF4-014R 1/8
SSPTF4-024R 1/4
SSPTF6-016R 1/8
SSPTF6-026R 1/4
SSPTF6-036R 3/8
SSPTF6-046R 1/2
SSPTF8-018R 1/8
SSPTF8-028R 1/4
SSPTF8-038R 3/8
SSPTF8-048R 1/2
SSPTF10-0110R 1/8
SSPTF10-0210R 1/4
SSPTF10-0310R 3/8
SSPTF10-0410R 1/2
SSPTF12-0112R 1/8
SSPTF12-0212R 1/4
SSPTF12-0312R 3/8
SSPTF12-0412R 1/2
Item CodeTube Size(MM)Thread
SSPTF4-G014G 1/8
SSPTF4-G024G 1/4
SSPTF6-G016G 1/8
SSPTF6-G026G 1/4
SSPTF6-G036G 3/8
SSPTF6-G046G 1/2
SSPTF8-G018G 1/8
SSPTF8-G028G 1/4
SSPTF8-G038G 3/8
SSPTF8-G048G 1/2
SSPTF10-G0110G 1/8
SSPTF10-G0210G 1/4
SSPTF10-G0310G 3/8
SSPTF10-G0410G 1/2
SSPTF12-G0112G 1/8
SSPTF12-G0212G 1/4
SSPTF12-G0312G 3/8
SSPTF12-G0412G 1/2

This is our new line: Stainless Steel Push In Fittings. Suitable for all those applications where brass nickel-plated and acetal fittings are banned, the new AISI 316L fitting is conceived to withstand corrosive environments (substances), to channel aggressive fluids and to be used in the food and chemical industries. Stainless Steel fittings line is standard equipped with FPM seals that will assure endurance at the highest temperatures.


Applicable Fluid TypeAir, Water,Vacuum
Working Pressure Range-14 ~150 PSI-0.99~ 10 Bar
Working Temperature Range5 ℉~428℉ -15℃~220℃
Vacuum Ratingto 750mmHg
Recommanded TubingsPA11, PA12, PA6, PE, PU,PTFE,FEP
ApplicationsPneumatics, Food Industry, Chemical, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry

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