Project Description

Ideal Bell MSV series mechanical valve have been designed a broad range of products for various industry segments. You can choose any types suit for your condition!

Explain of Model  MSV86321R   
TypeSeriesPositionsPort sizeControl unite type
Machanical valve
86 series:

98 Series
32 : 3/2 way 52 : 5/2 way 1 :G1/8"
2 :G1/4"

R : Rolier lever
TB : turning selector
LB : lever selector
PB : Push boutton
PP : plat round button
PPL : convex round button
EB : stop lock button




1. Valve spool use best seals to guarantee the life time and consistency.
2. We apply high standard special grease which provides film in order to reduce friction.
3. High quality soft magnetic stainless steel to improve the magnetic performance and reduce coil capacity 30%.