Project Description

Ideal Bell Hose Fitting can be used to protect all kinds of pneumatic tubing, it can be made Rigid or Swivel, Easy to Assemble, durable enough and will not break even thrown badly. Different Sizes Available!

Rigid Hose Fitting

Item CodeTube Size(MM)Thread(R/NPT)
HFR8*5-018 OD*5 ID 1/8
HFR8*5-028 OD*5 ID 1/4
HFR8*5-038 OD*5 ID 3/8
HFR8*5-048 OD*5 ID 1/2
HFR10*6.5-0110 OD*6.5 ID 1/8
HFR10*6.5-0210 OD*6.5 ID 1/4
HFR10*6.5-0310 OD*6.5 ID 3/8
HFR10*6.5-0410 OD*6.5 ID 1/2
HFR12*8-0112 OD*8 ID 1/8
HFR12*8-0212 OD*8 ID 1/4
HFR12*8-0312 OD*8 ID 3/8
HFR12*8-0412 OD*8 ID 1/2
Swivel Hose Fitting
Item CodeTube Size(MM)Thread(R/NPT)
HFS8*5-018 OD*5 ID 1/8
HFS8*5-028 OD*5 ID 1/4
HFS8*5-038 OD*5 ID 3/8
HFS8*5-048 OD*5 ID 1/2
HFS10*6.5-0110 OD*6.5 ID 1/8
HFS10*6.5-0210 OD*6.5 ID 1/4
HFS10*6.5-0310 OD*6.5 ID 3/8
HFS10*6.5-0410 OD*6.5 ID 1/2
HFS12*8-0112 OD*8 ID 1/8
HFS12*8-0212 OD*8 ID 1/4
HFS12*8-0312 OD*8 ID 3/8
HFS12*8-0412 OD*8 ID 1/2

ㆍPositively protect Hoses and tubings!
ㆍDurable, light weight, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, and cost-effective.
ㆍEasy to connect or Disconnect with tubes.
ㆍYou can choose Rigid or Swivel type.


If you buy only Fitting Ends, we pack in Poly bag / Paper Box /Master Carton
If you buy Recoil Hose with Fitting Ends, we pack in Poly Bag/ Master Carton
Any customized requirements, pls talk to us!

Hose Fitting