Project Description

Rapid Fittings Push On Fittings is with much higher working pressure, and the big advantage of rapid fittings and push on fittings line is that the connected tube is allowed a 360° rotation on the fixing axle!
Ideal Bell uses Branded new materials, applied with Unique design and 100% test before delivery!

Item CodeTube Size(MM)Thread
RPT4*2.5-014 OD*2.5 IDR 1/8
RPT4*2.5-024 OD*2.5 IDR 1/4
RPT6*4-016 OD*4 IDR 1/8
RPT6*4-026 OD*4 IDR 1/4
RPT6*4-036 OD*4 IDR 3/8
RPT6*4-046 OD*4 IDR 1/2
RPT8*5-018 OD*5 IDR 1/8
RPT8*5-028 OD*5 IDR 1/4
RPT8*5-038 OD*5 IDR 3/8
RPT8*5-048 OD*5 IDR 1/2
RPT8*5.5-018 OD*5.5 IDR 1/8
RPT8*5.5-028 OD*5.5 IDR 1/4
RPT8*5.5-038 OD*5.5 IDR 3/8
RPT8*5.5-048 OD*5.5 IDR 1/2
RPT8*6-018 OD*6 IDR 1/8
RPT8*6-028 OD*6 IDR 1/4
RPT8*6-038 OD*6 IDR 3/8
RPT8*6-048 OD*6 IDR 1/2
RPT10*6.5-0110 OD*6.5 IDR 1/8
RPT10*6.5-0210 OD*6.5 IDR 1/4
RPT10*6.5-0310 OD*6.5 IDR 3/8
RPT10*6.5-0410 OD*6.5 IDR 1/2
RPT10*8-0110 OD*8 IDR 1/8
RPT10*8-0210 OD*8 IDR 1/4
RPT10*8-0310 OD*8 IDR 3/8
RPT10*8-0410 OD*8 IDR 1/2
RPT12*8-0112 OD*8 IDR 1/8
RPT12*8-0212 OD*8 IDR 1/4
RPT12*8-0312 OD*8 IDR 3/8
RPT12*8-0412 OD*8 IDR 1/2
Item CodeTube Size(Inch)Thread
RPT1/4-N011/4NPT 1/8
RPT1/4-N021/4NPT 1/4
RPT1/4-N031/4NPT 3/8
RPT1/4-N041/4NPT 1/2
RPT5/16-N015/16NPT 1/8
RPT5/16-N025/16NPT 1/4
RPT5/16-N035/16NPT 3/8
RPT5/16-N045/16NPT 1/2
RPT3/8-N013/8NPT 1/8
RPT3/8-N023/8NPT 1/4
RPT3/8-N033/8NPT 3/8
RPT3/8-N043/8NPT 1/2
RPT1/2-N011/2NPT 1/8
RPT1/2-N021/2NPT 1/4
RPT1/2-N031/2NPT 3/8
RPT1/2-N041/2NPT 1/2

The so called “Rapid Fittings” “push on fittings”are designed with a nozzle whose shape guarantees the tubing perfect tightness simply by finger tightening the nut. The push on fitting range includes some swivelling fittings that after the assembling can freely swivel. The big advantage of this fitting line is that the connected tube is allowed a 360° rotation on the fixing axle. All Brass Rapid fittings and Push On Fittings can be both brass or nickel-plated color!


ApplicatoinsPneumatic circuits
Recommanded TubingsPA11, PA12, Polyethylene PE, Polyurethane PU
Working Pressure Rangemax. 15 Bar
Working Temperature Range-4 ℉~160℉ -15℃~70℃
RemarksThe working pressures and working temperatures depend on which type of tube is used!

About Body Color: You can choose Brass color or Nickle plated..
About Logo: Standard No logo, OEM can be on request.
About Packing: you can choose Standard No Logo Packing, Idealer Logo Packing Or OEM packing.

packing 2
packing 3