Project Description

Plastic Push To Connect Fittings is lighter, quick connect & disconnect and more cost saving!

Ideal Bell uses Branded new materials, applied with Unique design and 100% test before delivery!


Item CodeTube Size(MM)Thread
PC4-014R 1/8
PC4-024R 1/4
PC6-016R 1/8
PC6-026R 1/4
PC6-036R 3/8
PC6-046R 1/2
PC8-018R 1/8
PC8-028R 1/4
PC8-038R 3/8
PC8-048R 1/2
PC10-0110R 1/8
PC10-0210R 1/4
PC10-0310R 3/8
PC10-0410R 1/2
PC12-0112R 1/8
PC12-0212R 1/4
PC12-0312R 3/8
PC12-0412R 1/2
PC16-0316R 3/8
PC16-0416R 1/2


Item CodeTube Size(MM)Thread
PC4-G014G 1/8
PC4-G024G 1/4
PC6-G016G 1/8
PC6-G026G 1/4
PC6-G036G 3/8
PC6-G046G 1/2
PC8-G018G 1/8
PC8-G028G 1/4
PC8-G038G 3/8
PC8-G048G 1/2
PC10-G0110G 1/8
PC10-G0210G 1/4
PC10-G0310G 3/8
PC10-G0410G 1/2
PC12-G0112G 1/8
PC12-G0212G 1/4
PC12-G0312G 3/8
PC12-G0412G 1/2
PC16-G0316G 3/8
PC16-G0416G 1/2

PC-Inch & NPT

Item CodeTube Size(Inch)Thread
PC5/32-U105/32UNF 10/32
PC5/32-N015/32NPT 1/8
PC5/32-N025/32NPT 1/4
PC1/4-N011/4NPT 1/8
PC1/4-N021/4NPT 1/4
PC1/4-N031/4NPT 3/8
PC1/4-N041/4NPT 1/2
PC5/16-N015/16NPT 1/8
PC5/16-N025/16NPT 1/4
PC5/16-N035/16NPT 3/8
PC5/16-N045/16NPT 1/2
PC3/8-N013/8NPT 1/8
PC3/8-N023/8NPT 1/4
PC3/8-N033/8NPT 3/8
PC3/8-N043/8NPT 1/2
PC1/2-N011/2NPT 1/8
PC1/2-N021/2NPT 1/4
PC1/2-N031/2NPT 3/8
PC1/2-N041/2NPT 1/2
Plastic Push To Connect Fittings PC

ㆍOne-Touch push-to-connect conflguration allows an instant tubing connection.
ㆍSmoth-Edge release sleeve design facilitates a quick tubing disconnection.
ㆍwe can make both Brass or Nickel plated color. Nickel plated ensures anti-contamination properties for an extended product life.
ㆍPre-applied sealant on all external threads eliminates the additional sealing requirement.
ㆍInternal and/or externalflat-to-flat hexagonal con figurations for both metric and inch specifications allow a proper tightening or directional orientation upon installation by using L key or allen wrench for the applicable model types.


Applicable Fluid Type Air, Water(No Drinking Water)
Working Pressure Range-14~150 PSI-0.99~9.9Kgf/m?('-99~990Kpa)
Negative Pressure-29.5 in Hg(-14PSI)-750mmHg(-750Torr)
Working Temperature Range23~140℉ (Air) 32~104℉ (Water)-5~60℃ (Air) 0~40℃ (Water)
Recommanded TubingsPA11, PA12, PA6, PE, PU,FEP,PFA

About Body Color: You can choose Standard Black or Grey.
About Button/Sleeve Shape: You can choose standard Oval or Round
About Logo: you can choose NO logo, Idealer Logo Or OEM
About Packing: you can choose Standard No Logo Packing, Idealer Logo Packing Or OEM packing.

packing 2
packing 3