Project Description

Hand Valve Fittings is Ideal for inspecting or repairing any devices without compromising the safety.
Ideal Bell uses Branded new materials, applied with Unique design and 100% test before delivery!

Item CodeTube Size(MM)Thread
HVF6-016R 1/8
HVF6-026R 1/4
HVF6-036R 3/8
HVF8-018R 1/8
HVF8-028R 1/4
HVF8-038R 3/8
HVF10-0210R 1/4
HVF10-0310R 3/8
HVF10-0410R 1/2
HVF12-0212R 1/4
HVF12-0312R 3/8
HVF12-0412R 1/2
hand valve fittings

hand valve fittings

ㆍThe source of pressure can be completely shut off by simply turning the knob.
ㆍThree-way directional control configuration releases the residual internal pressure on the output side when manually closed.
ㆍIdeal for inspecting or repairing any devices without compromising the safety.
ㆍDirectionality of airflow may be selected from the tubing or threaded input side to the tubing or threaded output side.

Hand Valve Fittings-HVC


Applicable Fluid Type Air, Water(No Drinking Water)
Working Pressure Range-14~150 PSI-0.99~9.9Kgf/m?('-99~990Kpa)
Negative Pressure-29.5 in Hg(-14PSI)-750mmHg(-750Torr)
Working Temperature Range23~140℉ (Air) 32~104℉ (Water)-5~60℃ (Air) 0~40℃ (Water)
Recommanded TubingsPA11, PA12, PA6, PE, PU,FEP,PFA

About Body Color: You can choose Standard Black or Grey.
About Button/Sleeve Shape: You can choose standard Oval or Round
About Logo: you can choose NO logo, Idealer Logo Or OEM
About Packing: you can choose Standard No Logo Packing, Idealer Logo Packing Or OEM packing.

packing 2
packing 3