Project Description

BSP Fittings Brass Adapters are high quality, wide variety of types and highest working pressure.
Ideal Bell uses Branded new materials, applied with Unique design and 100% test before delivery!

Item CodeHose Barb Size(Inch)Thread Size(R/G/NPT)
HTBF2 04-021/4"1/4"
HTBF2 05-025/16"1/4"
HTBF2 06-023/8"1/4"
HTBF2 08-041/2"1/2"
HTBF2 12-063/4"3/4"

The BSP Fittings and Brass Adapters, also known as the “Accessories line” or the “Standard fittings line” consists of a wide variety of components, such as Hose Barb, Nipples, Reduction pieces, Connections, Plugs, Hose connections, L-T and Cross fittings. Due to the multiple auxiliary functions of this line, the BSP fittings are the right complement for other ranges. All components could be brass or nickel-plated color.


ApplicatoinsPneumatic and low pressure Hydraulic installations
Working Pressure Rangemax.60 BarHose Adapter max. 10 Bar
Working Temperature Range-4 ℉~160℉ -15℃~70℃
RemarksIt must be taken into account that the pressure values indicated are calculated considering a Safety Factor of 4. We advised you to contact us if you use them in particular working conditions

About Body Color: You can choose Brass color or Nickle plated..
About Logo: Standard No logo, OEM can be on request.
About Packing: you can choose Standard No Logo Packing, Idealer Logo Packing Or OEM packing.

packing 2
packing 3