Project Description

Weld Spatter and Static Resistant Tubing: 3 layers: inside is PU, middle layer is an aluminum foil, outside is anti-flaming jacket. An aluminum foil is added between the outer layer and the inner tube to increase the flame retardant life. Compared with the 2 layers weld spatter tubing series, the flame retardant life is extended by 2 times longer. Can be used in sparking environments such as arc welding and electric welding.

Item CodeOD(MM)ID(MM)Packing/Roll
Outside Cover Color Available: Black, Blue, Red, White, Green
Applicable Fluid TypeAir, Water(No Drinking Water/Hot water)
Working Pressure Range-14~150 PSI-0.99~10bar
Negative Pressure-29.5 in Hg(-14PSI)-750mmHg(-750Torr)
Working Temperature Range23~140℉ (Air) 32~104℉ (Water)-5~60℃ (Air) 0~40℃ (Water)
Connect WithWeld Fittings

Stocking Colors: Clear, Clear Blue, Blue, Black, Red, Orange,Yellow, Green. More colors and sizes can be made on request
About Logo: Standard No logo, OEM can be on request.
About Packing: you can choose Standard Paper Box, Spool Packing Or OEM packing.

tubing packing
tubing packing